February Wine Dinner 

On February 1st we're excited to welcome Dan Petroski of Massican and James Christopher Tracy from Channing Daughters Winery  for a very special wine dinner led by our own wine director, Chris Clark. 

For this first time collaboration between these dynamic wineries, guests will enjoy a cocktail and sparkling wine reception, followed by a six-course tasting menu each of whose courses will be paired with one library selection wine from each vineyard.


San Francisco Chronicle's 2017 Wine Maker of the Year

"It’s the rare winemaker who can contain multitudes such as these: to forge a style of wine as original and unmoored as Massican while upholding the epitome of the American wine establishment, Napa Valley Cabernet. Or at least, it’s the rare winemaker who can do them both as well as Dan Petroski does. For this, and for much more, Petroski is The Chronicle’s 2017 Winemaker of the Year." 



Email: events@aquavit.org


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Meet James Christopher Tracy of Channing Daughters

“He’s an artist with a palette with a lot of different colors — in this case it’s grape varieties and techniques,” said Channing Daughters co-founder and partner Larry Perrine. “These things are out of the mainstream, and the mainstream is clogged. We’re more interested in things that are not being done by everybody.”


pumpkin, truffle and trout roe
2016 Massican Sauvignon Blanc
2011 Massican Sauvignon Blanc

radishes, chervil and ginger
2016 Massican Annia
2015 Channing Daughters Vino Bianco
2016 Massican Gaspare Fruili
2016 Channing Daughters Ribolla

sunchoke, almonds and whey
2016 Massican Gemina
2014 Channing Daughters Mosaico

salsify, oyster and dill
2016 Massican Hyde Vineyard CH
2008 Channing Daughters L’Enfant Sauvage

red cabbage, apple and mustard
2010 Channing Daughters Lagrein
2008 Channing Daughters Sculpture Garden

pecans, cream and vanilla
Channing Daughters Vermouth
Muscat di Boom
Massican Vermouth

$300 per person (inclusive of tax and gratuity)


About Channing Daughters: Located on the East End in Bridgehampton Long-Island, Channing Daughters produces over two dozen varietals and is the only winery in the East End growing and producing wines from this wide range of grapes.  


About Massican Winery: Named after the coastal mountain range on the southern Italian peninsula in the region of Campania, Massican is devoted to creating unique and memorable white wines with roots inspired in Italy and made in Napa Valley.